Who we are

Early in 2013, Al Mohra was founded as a full-service television production company specializing in all types of entertainment events in the Arab world, and encompassing a highly professional multi-talented crew of the best and the most experienced in the field of drama production in the Arab world.
Enhanced with a long-established technical and administrative experience, the crew trail of remarkable drama productions are deeply engraved in the memory of the Arab audience, especially that they have participated in a wide variety of award winning productions that received prestigious Arabic recognitions.
Seeking world-wide recognition, Al Mohra persists to become the first Arab production company to reach global exposure by launching its services from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.
Derived by keystone ideas transformed into cutting-edge texts inspired by the most notable drama writers in the Arab world, Al Mohra is gathering a host of creative visionaries from all over the Arab world to highlight those themes in advanced entertaining productions appealing to all categories of the Arab society.
Not only excelling in the field of drama production, but Al Mohra is planning to participate in all variety of TV programs and entertainments shows.

Based in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates capital, Al Mohra attempts to become a central meeting point for all Arab artists.
Al Mohra’s crew technical and administrative professionalism is paralleled with the very latest cameras, lighting, sound devices and editing suites operated by highly skilled professionals.
Al Mohra aspirations will be translated into all types of memorable entertaining productions catered to exceed the Arab viewers expectations.

Our Mission:
High-quality creatively executed entertainment productions to gratify the Arab audience taste.

Our Vision:
Elevate the level of Arab entertainment and gain global exposure.

Our Objectives:
Since its inception, Al-Mohra seeks to be on the right track by producing distinguished Arabic drama works that explore new acting techniques and improve creative thinking and elevate the perceived value of the content addressed to the Arab audience.